EarWell® and the process


About earwell®

EarWell® is the only ear deformity correction system that addresses the entire ear. It was created by a plastic surgeon and can only be applied by trained licensed medical providers. It uses a series of cradles and supporting components to form the ear in the proper anatomical position. Every 2 weeks, for approximately 6 weeks, the ears are reassessed and adjustments are made to optimize results. 

important facts

  • supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • covered by the majority of insurances
  • treats a wide variety of ear deformities including prominent ears and lobules, Stahl's ears, constricted (lidding, cupping, and helical rim deformities), and cryptotia
  • no referral needed
  • excellent success rates
  • non-surgical and pain free
  • very well tolerated 
  • treatment lasts 2-6 weeks
  • treatment is most effective if started by 3 weeks of life
  • Timing is Everything!

What sets me apart from other providers

  • As a mother myself, the last thing I wanted to do was risk unnecessarily exposing my newborn to germs. This is why I come to your home, where you and baby are in your own comfortable space. 
  • I bring cozy swaddle wraps, muslin blankets, and a support cushion to snuggle baby during the process. Or, if you want to hold your baby, you can! 
  • I also go the extra mile by;  

                         ~decreasing the risk of startling your baby by warming the alcohol pads,

                         ~allowing you to give your baby a bath between each application change, and

                         ~providing you time to nurse/feed your baby whenever needed.

appointments and payment

I ensure prompt appointments and offer a free consultation to discuss your insurance coverage and determine if your baby is a good candidate for EarWell®. I accept credit cards and HSA cards. I also offer CareCredit to patients who need payment plan options. I do not accept personal checks at this time.

Picture gallery

For more information on EarWell®, including a gallery of before and after pictures and videos please click here