What we are all about

Additional Information

Mission Statement:

To ensure that every correctable ear deformity will be met with promptness and a commitment. 

Vision Statement:

To improve the lives of children by alleviating the distress brought about with bullying and teasing, as well as self conscious feelings, associated with having misshapen or prominent ears. 

Meeting me:

In 2007 I began my nursing career as a Registered Nurse in a high risk Labor and Delivery unit at the University of Illinois Medical Center. For 6 years my passion for helping mothers and their babies, as both a nurse and an educator, flourished.  In 2010 I received my license and board certification as a Family Nurse Practitioner. For 3 years I worked in a primary care clinic that also specialized in HIV care. The clinic served the south side of Chicago where being innovative about treatment plans was a financial necessity. I have always enjoyed seeking out the needs of my community and finding an avenue to fill that void. This is why I feel so privileged and excited about being able to commit my expertise to the parents of greater Nashville by providing easy access to an affordable, non-invasive treatment option for correcting your newborn's ear deformities. 

EarWell® Correction System:

I use an innovative system of ear molds and retractors to position the ear's cartilage into the shape it was intended to be. Every two weeks I re-evaluate and reposition as needed to ensure optimal visual outcomes of each affected ear. Each ear is as unique as the individual, making this technique both a science and an art. With the EarWell® system, patients have experienced approximately 94% success rates. EarWell® is a noninvasive, nonsurgical, technique that does not require anesthesia and causes no pain. EarWell® is well tolerated during the placement and while the molds remain. Before you know it, deformed ears will be a distant memory!